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“OEM” auto glass

Virginia Glass installs only Original Equipment Manufactured (“OEM”) glass, supplied by the same company that made the glass originally installed in your car. This glass is the same color, durability, thickness, size, and shape as originally specified for your car, and made by the same manufacturer.

Our sources for OEM glass are PGW Automotive Replacement Glass, FYG Auto Glass and Pilkington Automotive Glass Replacement.

These manufacturers represent the overwhelming majority of auto glass installed in vehicles assembled in the U.S., as well as many other global factories.

In the event, you are interested in “dealer” glass; we are more than happy to obtain and install this product.

Dealer Auto Glass

(“Dealer glass” is windshield or auto glass purchased from an automobile dealership authorized by the vehicle manufacturer to service your car. This glass is sourced from the same distributor that manufactured your auto glass originally, and will often have the vehicle’s make stamped on it. So if you own a Mercedes and want to have the Mercedes logo on your replacement windshield as it was original you will want to ask for “dealer glass.”)

We will take the necessary steps to obtain insurance approval for dealer glass if a claim is filed, and if we cannot obtain approval, we will inform you of the cost difference.


Every windshield replaced by Virginia Glass is installed using the Essex Betaseal™ adhesive system. Betaseal urethane adhesives are used in nearly all domestic autos and two-thirds of vehicles manufactured worldwide. We use only Dow Automotive’s Essex Betaseal™ Express and Essex Betaseal™ O°ne™ adhesive systems due to their ability to provide one-hour safe drive-away time in nearly all temperature and humidity conditions.

Many of our competitors will use low-cost alternatives to these products resulting in installations that are unsafe to drive for days.

See our safety page for more information.

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We deal in branded as well as dealer auto glass.