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Auto Glass Safety Council

Replacement Safety Standard certificateVirginia Glass is a registered member of the Auto Glass Safety Council. This means that Virginia Glass has been certified as in compliance with the ANSI/AGSC 002-2002 Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. This standard spells out the practices and procedures for safe windshield replacement and maintaining compliance with federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Most of the people do not realize that proper windshield installation is a critical factor in the ability of an automobile to protect occupants in an accident. Visit our Safety page for more information.

Dow Automotive Adhesive Training

Virginia Glass employees are also certified in the recommended installation procedures by Dow Automotive’s Essex automotive glass adhesives. By knowing that we follow the Essex ARG Technical Installation Guide, you can be assured that our technicians perform safe windshield replacements.

Dow Automotive’s Essex Betaseal™ is an original equipment adhesive used by nearly two-thirds of vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Here at Virginia Glass we only use Essex/Betaseal™ O°ne™ and Essex/Betaseal™ Express fast-cure urethane adhesives. These products allow for a safe one-hour drive away time across a wide range of temperature conditions. For more information, visit the Dow Automotive website.

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We offer safe and certified auto replacement glass and windshields.